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 - Start at North Arm Farm, turn LEFT and head West on HWY 99, then take a RIGHT onto Pemberton Farm Rd East and go past the Plateau, go over the RR tracks and head up the Mackenzie FSR past the parking lot and all the way up to the first branch where you take a RIGHT and up to Radio Tower

- Drop into Radio Tower, stay LEFT at the first split as soon as you enter the forest (making sure NOT to go onto Mission Impossible), stay on Radio Tower trail and go RIGHT at the second split which takes over a small creek bridge, then stay LEFT (DO NOT take moose jah) and continue on Radio Tower, after the small clearing merge LEFT into Crosstown Traffic

- After Crosstown Traffic, take a HARD LEFT onto “Connector Trail” (lower Moose Jah) and then veer RIGHT before the jumps down to the road, and go LEFT on the Mackenzie FSR down toward the parking lot

- Take a hard RIGHT BEFORE the parking lot onto Mackenzie Basin Access Road and go all the way to Happy Trail

- Take a RIGHT onto Happy Trail and head up to Waco Connector which takes a sharp right turn where Mackenzie Cruise exits; take Waco to the Connector all the way to beginning of Nimby trail (there are various off shoots before this point, do NOT take them stay on WACO until you hit Nimby)

- Take a LEFT onto Nimby and go all the way up the many, many switch backs making sure NOT to take any downhill offshoots (the trail forks app shows people going up the road to start Nimby but that is wrong, obviously)

- At the junction with Let it Go take a RIGHT on the double track which takes you out to the Mackenzie FSR, then take a LEFT onto the Mackenzie FSR and head up toward Middle Earth

- Take a RIGHT at the pull out off the FSR and enter directly onto Middle Earth, take Middle Earth up to Rudy’s. 

- Take a RIGHT and drop into Rudy’s all the way down to an old FSR and take a RIGHT

- Then a quick LEFT and drop into Overnight Sensation, beginning of the Downtime

- On Overnight Sensation there are two offshoots higher up, both are closed and racers are to stay LEFT at those options, then there’s a third very obvious branch in the trail where racers have the options to either go LEFT OR RIGHT. The LEFT line is easier and recommended to those riders less comfortable with loose, steep chutes, the RIGHT line is harder but significantly faster. 

- At the bottom of Overnight Sensation when it exits onto the FSR take a LEFT and head toward Mosquito Lake along Linda Road and up past Reid Road, then veer right onto Mosquito Lake Road (before the dead end)

- As you come under the power lines, just before the Lake, take a hard LEFT onto the Lake Loop single track access climb

- At the top of this climb there’s a lookout under the power lines, just ahead is the entrance to Lake Loop, where there are two options: racers must take the LEFT option

- Very important: DO NOT take the Jim Jam split, at this point take a VERY HARD RIGHT and go UP a short punch hill and stay on Lake Loop

- Continue on Lake Loop where it merges with another branch, continue straight and over a small creek bridge, follow this trail until it exits onto a gravel road by the lake

- At this point take a LEFT and climb up and cross over Mosquito Lake Rd, continuing straight up and past the exit of No Err, where there will be a Feedzone; go all the way up and take the LEFT at the branch to the beginning of No Err, climb No Err

- At the top of the No Err climb, take a hard LEFT and descend No Err

- Staying LEFT at any off shoots on No Err (there are two), and once you hit the gravel road at the exit of No Err turn LEFT and climb the gravel road again

- At the top of the gravel road this time take a RIGHT at the junction toward Econoline by staying RIGHT at the branch at the top of this climb

- Climb Econoline to (going past but not onto any offshoots), there is on spot in there where you have to be careful to take a RIGHT otherwise you’ll end up on Grumpy Grouse which is wrong. Stay on Econoline and it eventually opens up a bit and look for a trail that drop off to the LEFT, take this LEFT onto the Econoline descent

- Descend Econoline and take a LEFT then a quick RIGHT onto Econodave (it’s maybe 5 meters that you’re on this double track) 

- Descend Econodave, which merges with Dark Forest, stay LEFT at the merge and descend Dark Forest to the merge with Radio Tower and take a hard LEFT onto Foxy Lady (waterfall trail)

- Take Foxy Lady until it merges into Crosstown Traffic and follow Crosstown Traffic to the Connector Trail (Lower Moose Jah), this time take the jump and hip jump route and down to the Mackenzie FSR

- Take a LEFT at Mackenzie FSR, go down the hill and past the parking lot, then take a RIGHT just after the RR tracks - obey the course Marshall located at the tracks, and follow the gravel road/friendship trail all the way past where Cream Puff exits and take the private road that leads you back to Hwy 99 across from North Arm Farm, cross the Hwy and enter North Arm Farm 

The New 2018 Course Highlights

Good bye Let It Go, Hello Middle Earth & Rudy's
The start loop will remain the same, as will the main Big NIMBY climb. However, riders will not go up the final part of the Big NIMBY (called Let it Go), instead riders will turn right onto a short connector trail to the main FSR then go left and up the main FSR toward the paraglide launch past the entrance to Fifty, just before the launch riders will hang a right and climb Middle Earth. Riders will ascend Middle Earth until about the halfway point where they will hang a right and enter the amazing (somewhat) new descent, Rudy's - the Rudy Rozysypalek memorial trail. POV helmet cam video here. Rudy's ends where the Red Bull Downtime on Overnight Sensation begins.

Good bye Sphincter, Hello Lake Loop & Econoline forwards
After Overnight Sensation, here's the other big change: riders will follow the main FSR toward the Mosquito Lake area trails, however, instead of heading up to the oh-so-punchy Sphincter rock zone, the course will instead go left up a short climb to the top of Lake Loop. A fun, zippy descent with a small rise in the middle and a flat techy section to finish. Lake loop brings riders to the bottom of No Err where you'll follow the FSR up and complete a full loop of No Err, then instead of Smell the Glove, riders will climb Econoline (opposite direction than previous years) and then take the Econoline descent to mereg with the uber-fun (but challenging) descent Eono-Dave to finish off the course in the same manner as previous years.

Official Course Maps

Here is the official 2018 Course map with the new changes on

* Please note, we reserve the right to make alterations to the course on or before race day.

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