2018 Photos

Please make sure to credit the photographer and ask for permission if required before sharing their work on social media or otherwise.

2016 Photos & Video

  • Photos by Grant Bruce
  • Photos by Terry Evans (this gallery also contains photos from Grant Bruce & Andrea Lees)
  • Photos by Andrea Lees
  • Photographers, please contact us and we will post your links here!

Video By Connor Macleod

2015 Photos & Video

Video By Connor Macleod

2014 Photos & Video

Video By Connor Macleod

2013 Photos & Video

Video by Connor Macleod

2012 Photos & Video

Checkout the 2012 NIMBY Fifty write-up and exclusive photos here!

2011 Photos

Downloads & Prints Available

Our local photographer, Dave Steers, has made all of his photos from the event available for download and print:

Photos for online viewing only

Nimby Fifty photos by Dave Steers (on Flickr)
Nimby Fifty photos by Matthew Mallory (on PinkBike)

2010 photos

Nimby Fifty photos by Todd Hellinga on Facebook
Nimby Fifty photos by Terry & Sara Evans on Facebook
Nimby Fifty photos by Lee Lau
Nimby Fifty photos by Dave Steers on Flickr
Nimby Fifty photos by The Bike Co.
Nimby Fifty photos by Tanya De Leeuw on Facebook (album 1) & (album 2)

A note about other people's work: if you plan on re-publishing or printing any of these photos, we ask that you get in contact directly with the photographer for permission before doing so.  Thanks!

2010 videos

No Err Loop by Lee Lau


Econoline to four-way intersection (cross-roads) by Lee Lau


Nimby Fifty 2010 race start by Lee Lau

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