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Posted on March 22, 2016

The local low down

Skis are quickly being replaced with bikes in sea to sky country and for the lucky few double days (skiing and biking) are becoming more frequent. Meanwhile trails in Pemby are running just about as good as they get and the course is completely clear of snow. The first (recorded) full pull of the NIMBY Fifty course this year has been completed by none other than local super star and Nurse, Leah Trudeau. No doubt, Leah has been training - hard - and her work is paying off. She completed a Gravel Pit to Gravel Pit in 3:05. Not bad for early March! 

Get fit and get ready, race day is not that far away!

New Sweet Skills 10 Week Training Plan

Training is important whether or not you want to win or just have a good time, and still be able to enjoy yourself at the after party. To help you out, Sylvie Allen of Sweet Skills coaching (and 2015 Winner of Red Bull Downtime) has put together yet another awesome 10 Week Training plan, titled "How to have a fun NIMBY race"! In this year's installment she has included some great tips that even if you don't follow her plan are worth the read. You can download it from our training page

NIMBY Fifty Pre-Ride Clinics with Sylvie Allen

If you'd like to take your training even further or perhaps just get some super helpful tips on line choice, pacing and, well, your riding skills (we can all always keep improving) then you might want to consider one of Sylvie's NIMBY Pre-Ride clinics which are scheduled for May 14th and May 21st respectively. Sylvie can help you go up and/or downhill fast. She knows how to do both! For full details on these clinics visit the Sweet Skills website.

Get off that fence - register early and give yourself a chance to go North

Say what? Here's the deal. NIMBY Fifty registration goes up in price on April 20th at 4:20 pm. But if you register before April 1st, not only will you save some bucks, you'll achieve two more things. One, you'll make the mental commitment to doing the race which will have all sorts of positive side effects (more on that some other time); and two, you'll be entered into a draw to win a trip to Boréale Biking in the Yukon!

So get out there, ride your bike, have some fun, and see you in May!

Happy Trails,
Russ, Dean & Terry
NIMBY Fifty Race Organizers

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